Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Officially a Rogue

Hey there, long time no post!! I've been extremely busy lately!! I've officially joined a running/training program here in Austin!!! I've signed myself up for the Austin Distance Challenge, which is a "challenge" of 8 runs that take place here in Austin and end with the Austin half/full marathon in Feb. 2013. They offer a half track which ends with the half marathon option in Feb or the full track which concludes with the full Austin marathon. I'm a half marathon whore, but have never ran a full marathon. Because of this and myself being prone to injuries, I felt like I needed "professional" help if I was going to successfully tackle my first full marathon. I LOVE the Rogue training plan!!! I have an online running plan I have to follow every week and on Wednesday nights, I meet my "team" and coach downtown for a group run and every Saturday morning we meet again downtown for out "long" runs.

After being in the program for a couple of weeks, I had my first run of the Austin Distance Challenge, the IBM Uptown 10k and I ran it pretty well. I finished with a 8:30/mile pace and that was even after running 7 miles on Saturday (the day before) and staying up WAY past my bedtime the night before the race. A good friend of mine came into town so we had to paint the town red. :)

This past Saturday, I ran my first "long" run, which was a 12 miler, I'm still trying to catch up with the rest of my team, given I joined almost a month later than everyone. I'm super excited for what is to come and see how my running progresses with the aide of a running coach. :)