Saturday, September 1, 2012

90 day, Week 1, Day 7 (Day 4, 30 day shred!!)

Today I actually slept in!! I'm still pretty sore, so I headed to the gym for a run. My running seems a bit stronger, so I'm pretty sure the lunges and squats are starting to help out in that aspect!! I'm super excited!! I'm able to run at my "race" pace for most of my run now, and I'm always varying my speed so it's not a constant pace workout! After I got done running, I did the 30 day shred with my sister and since we bought a medicine ball and kettle weight, we did some ab exercises with the medicine ball and they are HARD!! lol But I know it'll start to pay off soon!! Anyway, my workout summary is as below!!

90 Day Total Body Revolution

  • cardio (running)
30 Day Shred
  • Level 1, Day 5


  • 5 miles of running 

Friday, August 31, 2012

90 day, Week 1, Day 6 (Day 3, 30 day shred!!)

I took today off from work and it was much needed!!! I ended up hanging out with a friend yesterday evening and that included a couple of pints of Lone Star! :/ Anyway, my sister that lives here in Austin with me also took the day off, so we got up and made the best of it. We had an AWESOME "southern" lunch and then did some shopping. We ended up buying new hand weights, a medicine ball and a kettle weight. I also got a couple of new workout UA tanks and a knee length jogging pant. It turned out to be a good day. After all this shopping we both managed to get in the 30DS, level 1 workout. I used the 3lb weights on the side lunge and realize I need a heavier weight for the back press, but the 10lb weights are too heavy. I'm probably going to pick up the 8lb. But I am pretty sore in my hips/thigh area!!!

Workout Summary 

90 Day Body Revoution

  • Today was a double cardio day, so I'm going to use my shopping as my cardio (walking)

30 Day Shred

  • Level 1, Day 3 (completed after a day full of shopping)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

90 day, Week 1, Day 5 (Day 2, 30 day shred!!)

Wow!! I woke up SORE!!! I can definitely feel the squats from yesterday!! I also woke up and did Day 2 of 30 day shred!!!

 I must say it was a lot harder to do in the morning!! Ever since I had my lumbar fusion, mornings have not been a good time for me! I wake up extremely stiff and it's hard to get moving. But nonetheless, I got up started level 1 of 30 day shred. The only weights I have are the 5lb hand weights, they are working, in some exercises they feel too light, but in the side lunge, they are too heavy. So tonight after work, I'm going to pick up a pair of 3lb weights and 10lbs weights.

 I'm determined to do 30 days straight of the 30DS!! I googled before and after pics of 30DS and WOW!! The results are so motivating!! I can't wait to see what I'm able to accomplish in 30 days. Keep in mind that I am also doing the 90 day body revolution! My plan is to do the 30DS in the mornings and the 90 day exercises in the evenings after I do either spinning or running at the gym.

Because I just signed up for the Austin Distance Challenge, I'm going to have to continue running!! I LOVE running as mentioned before, but it's been hard with my back and I will admit that I overdid the number of races I did last "season." I ran 12 half marathons in matter of 6 months, 2 10 mile races, a duathlon and of course all the training runs!! The ADC is going to include my very first FULL marathon and with my back issues, I know I'm going to have to train smart. This means, that I'm going to really have to focus on strength training, hard core training, to help take pressure of my lumbar and incorporate a lot of spinning to keep me in shape, but also help in keeping my running to a minimum. I'm also looking to buy a new bicycle, so that will help a lot too!!!

Evening update: 
After work, I went to my gym and did the 6pm "Studio Cycling" class which is essentially spinning. I got to class about 10 mins early and started right away, so even though the class is only 60 mins, I got in an extra 10 mins at the beginning. I really pushed myself this class!! I sat closer to the front of the class and got a glimpse of myself and let's just say that's EXTREMELY motivating!! After work, I did the dvd from the 90 day body revolution. This is my 2nd time doing workout 2 and the crunches seem to be a bit easier. I do, as mentioned earlier need to get a heavier set of weights, especially for the back exercises. I also HATE doing lunges I just can't seem to do them right, but I know the more I work on them, the better I'll get at them, meaning I might actually start to do them right!! lol Anyway 30 mins DONE!!!

I am SUPER motivated!! I really can't wait to see how things progress as time goes on. I need to quit worrying so much about the weight, and worry about inches lost, but I also really want to get to a certain weight range, so I hope things start to even out. :)

Workout Summary

90 Day Total Body Revolution

  • Workout 2, Week 1, Phase 1
30 Day Shred
  • Level 1, Day 2 (completed in the morning)
  • Level 1, Day 2 (completed in the pm again :) )


  • 70 mins of spinning (Thursday, 6pm class Lifetime, Aerobic intervals)

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

90 day, Week 1, Day 4 (Day 1 30 day shred!!)

According to the schedule, I'm supposed to do cardio and workout dvd #1, but I mistakenly did workout #1 yesterday so I'm going to do cardio today in the form of running!! I made a couple of BIG decisions today and one was to join something that goes on yearly here in Austin and that is the "Austin Distance Challenge" Last year, when I came back to running after my 3 level lumbar fusion, I basically ran all of those races and then some, however I was not officially signed up for the challenge itself. I also did not run the FULL marathon at the end, I only ran the Austin half marathon. This is definitely the year that I want to run a full, so what better way to motivate myself then to sign up for this challenge. The info on the races is below.

Six Races.  One Challenge.
     Challenge Accepted!
The Races
There are 6 races in the 2012-2013 Austin Fit Magazine Distance Challenge:
Needless to say, I'm super excited and nervous all at the same time!! I know that doing the 90 day challenge will only aide in getting me race ready!! I admit, I lack at getting myself to do strength training and I know how important it is to being and staying a healthy runner!! So I'm excited to see how the 90 day TBR will aide me in my running.

Ok, now the 2nd decision I made today, in addition to the 90 day TBR, I'm going to also attempt to do the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred!! I hear nothing but good results about the program and I'm wanting to get FIERCE results by the time the Oct 7th, race date rolls around!! I'm  NOT happy that I've gained essentially 10-13lbs since the start of July, so I'm really wanting to get myself back to my "normal" weight and then of course drop an additional 10-15lbs once I get back to that weight. So in total from today's weight, I'd like to drop 25-30(ish)lbs!!! 

I'll be back to update once I get done with running and completing level 1 of the 30 day shred.....

Evening workout update: 

Running at the gym:
4.25 miles
 - .12 (2 min) warmup at 3.7
 - 3.88 of running, speeds varying from 6.7 - 7.7 (finished 4.0 at 34:33 mins, including 2 min warmup)
- walked .25 to cooldown at 3.0 (time at finish was 40 mins, 4.37)
My run today did not start out well!!! My legs definitely felt heavy and just getting into my rhythm was rather difficult, but I kept pushing through. I never did reach that point where the run becomes easier, my legs felt heavy the entire time, but nonetheless I still completed 4.25 miles. It's not a big deal!! It has been a while since I've had a bad  run, so I guess it was just time for one to roll around again.

After getting in some stretching post run, I headed to Target on my way home and picked up a yoga mat, so I have a mat to work with during my 30 & 90 day workouts at home. Target didn't have 8lb hand weights, so I'm going to have to pick some up another time. I was also able to find the 30 Day Shred program on youtube and luckily I have a smart tv as well, so no need to buy or wait to order the dvd!! Once I got home, I took my 2 rambunctious beagles out and then started my very first workout of the 30DS!!!

I completed Day 1, level 1 of Jillian Michaels 30 day shred and WOW!!! That workout is INSANE. The bicycle crunches are killing me!! I don't think I'm doing them right and the crunches that work the lowest part of the abs where you lift your legs in the air DEFINITELY need some work, but hey it is day 1 and I can only look forward to improvement!! :)  I can't wait to see the progress a the end of 10 days!! I also took my measurements and I plan to take them at Day 10, Day 20 & Day 30. I was using 5lb weights throughout the exercise, but the side lunges were EXTREMELY difficult. I think I'm going to have to get 3lb and 10lb weights!! Whew!!!


90 Day Total Body Revolution

  • Cardio day according to the plan

30 Day Shred

  • Level 1, day 1


  • Ran 4.25 Mile

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

90 day, Week 1, Day 3

Wow, I woke up SORE!! I haven't been this sore in months!! I definitely know the program is targeting and waking up muscles that have been sleeping for too long!!! I misread the "schedule" and did workout #1 again, when today was supposed to be a double cardio day, but it's not a big deal, I'll just substitute tomorrow to be my double cardio day.

70 mins of spinning at Lifetime fitness
Workout #1
-Today the planks were killing me!! I did fall to my knees a couple of times during the plank, but I got back up and kept at it. I've been using 5lb handweights and I definitely need to get a pair of 8 and possibly 10lb weights. I also still haven't logged my "starting" measurements, so I definitely need to get those done tomorrow! I am one of those girls that weigh themselves every morning. I know that's not the way to track getting healthy, but I definitely want to drop actual pounds and tone up! Anyway that's my status for today..


90 Day Total Body Revolution

  • Phase 1, Workout 1, Week 1


  • 70 mins spinning class (Lifetime Fitness, 6pm class)

Monday, August 27, 2012

90 day, Week 1, Day 2

I woke up pretty sore from yesterday's workout. I think those squats really got to me, because wow, I can surely feel it in my legs/glutes!!! I always try to "work out" my soreness, so I made myself fit in a run today as well!! I was stoked at the results of my run, I was able to run harder than I have in the past and at my "race" pace for longer than what I have done in the past.

6.25 miles total
 -.12 walking warmup
 - ran 3.12 miles at 6.7 - 7.2 pace before stopping for water
 - continued this until I hit 6 miles
 - ran .25 to cool down

Phase 1, Workout 2
-I actually really enjoyed workout #2!! The one sided leg lifts were challenging, but I lost a lot of my flexibility when I had my fusion. I have a lot of tight muscles in my legs and it was well noticed during that workout!


90 Day Total Body Revolution
  • Phase 1, Workout 2, week 1


  • Ran 6.25 miles

Sunday, August 26, 2012

90 Day, Week 1, Day 1

Today I am officially beginning my 90 day Jillian Michaels Total Body Revolution. A friend of mine completed a few weeks of the challenge a few months back and had amazing results with it, so I've decided to try it on my own. I'm a runner (when I'm not injured) and even though I went through a lumbar fusion, I picked up running again, a year after my fusion. Because of this, I don't have any issues getting my cardio in, it's just the strength training that I can never get myself to do. In the past couple of months, I've been dealing with an injury and after going to several different Dr's, I was finally diagnosed with a disc tear and disc herniation right above my current fusion. Anyway long story short, I'm super excited to get started on my 90 day challenge. Today is day 1 and this is what I was able to accomplish.

Phase 1 Cardio Workout 1: 30 mins
Phase 1, Workout 1: 30 mins.

The workout itself didn't seem too difficult, but I have to admit my arms are weak and push ups are not my friend!! :) Looking forward to tomorrow's workout!

I've been working on a format and I've decided that at the bottom of every post, I'm going to have a workout summary, that will give the headlines of what I accomplished that day. In the paragraphs above the summary, I will go into more detail about how the workouts went and how I felt about everything.


90 Day Total Body Revolution:

  • Phase 1, cardio workout 1: 30 mins (Week 1, JM total body revolution)
  • Phase 1, Workout 1: 30 mins (Week 1, JM total body revolution)