Friday, August 31, 2012

90 day, Week 1, Day 6 (Day 3, 30 day shred!!)

I took today off from work and it was much needed!!! I ended up hanging out with a friend yesterday evening and that included a couple of pints of Lone Star! :/ Anyway, my sister that lives here in Austin with me also took the day off, so we got up and made the best of it. We had an AWESOME "southern" lunch and then did some shopping. We ended up buying new hand weights, a medicine ball and a kettle weight. I also got a couple of new workout UA tanks and a knee length jogging pant. It turned out to be a good day. After all this shopping we both managed to get in the 30DS, level 1 workout. I used the 3lb weights on the side lunge and realize I need a heavier weight for the back press, but the 10lb weights are too heavy. I'm probably going to pick up the 8lb. But I am pretty sore in my hips/thigh area!!!

Workout Summary 

90 Day Body Revoution

  • Today was a double cardio day, so I'm going to use my shopping as my cardio (walking)

30 Day Shred

  • Level 1, Day 3 (completed after a day full of shopping)

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