Monday, April 1, 2013

Paleo Day 6

I'm still running off my 6 mile runner's high!! It's been quite a while since I've logged that much mileage and I'm loving it and my new shoes!! :) I'm noticing, I don't have that yucky bloated feeling anymore. I think I still have some issues with my workouts, more on that late, but I think I still need to give my body time to adjust and I think I still need to experiment with what I eat right before a run. I did buy some natural applesauce to help with my sweet cravings and I absolutely love it!! This week, I'm going to try to eat a banana and a container of the applesauce right before I run. There are some days that I do my run, immediately followed with an hour of hot yoga, so I might have to figure out something then, we'll see.

Today I took the day off from running, b/c of my "high" mileage yesterday, so I opted to do an hour of hot yoga and wow, that class kicked my a**!!!! I've never had that much difficulty, I may have been slightly dehydrated too, but wow, I didn't think I needed to eat anything before yoga, but I'm definitely second guessing that now! Live and learn, I suppose. I was never so happy to be on the last pose of the class!!

-Pork chop
-Container of applesauce

-Pork Chop
-Spaghetti squash/bacon pieces/mushrooms

-1 organic banana


-Pork Chop
-Spaghetti squash/bacon pieces/mushrooms
-container of apple sauce

-1-hour of hot yoga (fire series)

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