Wednesday, September 5, 2012

90 day, Week 2, Day 2 (Day 6, 30 day shred!!)

Today I was home most of the morning due to what I'm calling a migraine now. It's the worst headache of my life!! I have a pretty big deadline at work due, so I made it into work for the afternoon. I ended being at work well after 7pm so I didn't have time to head to the gym for cardio, but I did head home and get my workouts done. They were pretty hard today as I'm lethargic from being sick, but I always believe in the theory that you can sweat out a cold and I have a fever b/c my body heat is pretty high and I'm having the "cold sweats" it hasn't been a fun couple of days....but I pushed through them both and I did wake up pretty sore this morning from yesterday's workouts. I'm hoping it's just my sickness that's making my workouts tonight seem that much more difficult.....The crunches (basic) are getting easier and I can "feel" strength with that move, but the butterfly crunches kick my a**!!! I am noticing the weakness in my lower back from my lumbar fusion and I'm also noticing my limited motion range due to the hardware in/on my spine, but I'm definitely working with what I have! I'm determined to look FIERCE by my first run on October 6th!!!!

90 Day Total Body Revolution

  • Workout 2, Week 2, Phase 1
30 Day Shred
  • Level 1, Day 6

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