Tuesday, September 4, 2012

90 day, Week 2, Day 1 (Day 4, 30 day shred!!)

I missed a few days, but I'm going to play catch up on the program. I went on a last minute trip to the Texas coast this past weekend and had planned to get up early and get in my workout, but failed to do so and when I got back late Monday, my body was so sore from being thrown around the water by the waves. This was also the first time that I took my dogs with me to the coast and they were a little freaked out by the water. But overall it was such a fun weekend! :)

As I mentioned above, my entire body is sore from the coast, so completing the workout was a bit difficult!! I think I can see a difference in my abdomen, it does not look so "bloated" so that's keeping me motivated too!! I'm going to play catch up, but I don't think I'll be able to get in the "missed" 3 days of 30DS, instead I will focus on getting int he full 4 workouts from the 90 day BR. My plan is to do workout 1 today, workout 2, Wed, workout 1 again on Thursday and workout 2 on Friday and of course starting tomorrow, I'll be back at the gym, so I'll definitely get my cardio whether it be via spinning or running.

Workout Summary 

90 Day Body Revoution

  • Workout 1

30 Day Shred

  • Level 1, Day 4

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