Thursday, September 6, 2012

90 day, Week 2, Day 3 (Day 7, 30 day shred!!)

Today was my first full day back in , the last couple of days I have had such a horrific headache!! I'm not one to get migraines but I am a big self web diagnoser so according to webmd and a few other websites, I may have had a migraine!! Whatever it was really threw me for a loop, anyway I'm glad it's passed. Work was insanely busy, we were pushing out a new software release, so my tasks were piled up by the time I got back into the office and I was still trying to play catch up today!

After work, I headed to the gym, laced up my Brooks running shoes and got on my favorite treadmill and started my run. Even though I was pretty tired to begin with and figured I'd get in a crappy run, it actually turned into a great run! I managed 3.5 miles in 30 mins. I always start with a 2 min walk to warm-up and about a 0.10 mile (3.0mph) cool-down walk. So even with that I managed pretty well. I do know I ran 10 mins at 6.7-6.8 then the next 5 at 6.9 followed by 6.9-7.1 for the next 10 and the last 5 mins were 7.1-7.5, upping 0.1 mph every minute. After my run I did about 30 mins of the spinning class and called it good.

When I got home, I was too tired to fit in the 90 day BR, workout 1, so I just did the 30 DS, level 1 workout. That means tomorrow (Friday) and Saturday I'm going to need to finish off the workout 1 & workout 2 for phase 1, week 2. I think the day off from the 90 day program helped out a lot!!

I'm really trying to "see" results with the 2 programs and I think I can see a slight difference in my abs, like it might not look so puffy, but I'm not sure and I don't know if I'm "making" myself see a change. I'm really waiting until after day 10 to take any measurements and incremental pics, so 3 more days and I can take "official" pics.

I was googling some of the symptoms I've been experiencing lately and I really think I'm having an issue with my thyroid. I've gained about 10lbs and they really came out of nowhere!! I haven't altered my eating habits drastically, not enough to gain that much weight, I've continued to work out and run and despite these efforts, I'm still gaining weight. I've also noticed that I'm losing my hair. I know it's natural to lose a few strands a day, and I do, but lately it's been a LOT and in the shower this morning a lot more than I was comfortable with fell out and I'm not liking it. I'm going to try to make an appt asap to get some blood work done. I'm also noticing that I can't seem to get rested, I'm never like this, so hopefully they'll be able to figure out what is up with me!! Anyway here's my workout summary:

90 Day Total Body Revolution

  • took the day off
30 Day Shred
  • Level 1, Day 7


  • 3.5 miles of running (30 mins)

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