Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lot's to catch up on!!!

So I've decided to go Paleo!! I've been getting countless emails (thanks Runners World) on Paleo for the Athlete, so I decided to google running and the paleo diet. I've read more "success" stories than failures to entice me to at least do the 30 day Paleo challenge. Let's face it, all these stories of dropping race times, didn't hurt either. So as of yesterday, I'm officially a Paleo-lite(?) but more on that later. A LOT has transpired since my last post and the end of the year. I was training to run my very first full marathon and right before Christmas I did the longest run I've ever done to date, a 20 miler nicely named "The Run from Hell". I completed the run, but I had a LOT of difficulty getting it done. My hip was screaming at me and the pain in my groin was unbearable. I even managed to find some aspirin on course, but still it wasn't great. After the run, I went about my normal schedule and even decided to catch a Spurs game, after the game, I just couldn't walk all that great, I was noticeably limping and a few hours after the spurs game, I found myself int he ER. After several imaging studies done, an Orthopedic Dr strolled in and announced I had a fracture over an "old" stress fracture on my femoral head. I didn't even know I had an old stress fracture there to begin with. He declared he'd have to perform emergency surgery on it and "pin" the hip bone to avoid the possibility of me needed a hip replacement. I was immediately admitted to the hospital and scheduled for surgery. Who knew your hip could cause such a ruckus!! Anyway, I ended up having surgery on getting my hip pinned on Christmas eve. I was instructed that I would be on crutches for 10 weeks and no running for 12.....

Fast forward to the beginning of March, I made it through recovery!! I'm cleared to do any and all sports I want, including running and have started back up again. It's been a humbling journey even now 3-4 weeks later!! I did manage to go to hot yoga as my body allowed once I got off crutches and wow, I lost so much strength in my left leg!!! I was told that he had to cut through my IT band muscle to pin the hip and that's the culprit behind my extreme muscle pain, but I'm trekking through it. I'm being bold and have signed up for a 10 miler on April 14th and a half marathon on May 4th.....I know, back to my crazy running self!!! :)

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