Friday, March 29, 2013

Paleo Day 2 Recap

So day 2 was a LOT better. I woke up with the headache gone, I actually felt less bloated and kinda felt GREAT!!!  Here's what I consumed yesterday:  I did make some changes after reading on fueling running on Paleo....

- 1 seedless cucumber peeled
- handful of grape tomatoes

- Beef roast slices (DELISH)
- leftover roasted asparagus
-Cubed cantaloupe
-sliced strawberries
-sliced almonds

Pre Run Snack: 
Organic banana with some almond butter

Ran 4.5 miles

Dinner (post run)
- cold roast slices
- leftover squash/zucchini/bacon dish

So my run felt a lot better today, I did notice a bit of lethargy closer to the end, but nothing as bad as Wednesday and I think a lot of it is still adjusting to the mileage comeback from my injury. But I FEEL AMAZING!! I'm not sure if it's all in my head, but wow!! I have no bloating, my hip does not ache as bad as it used to. I'm super excited to see how much better this all becomes.

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